At Maharishi European Research University, founded 1975, a chart has been developed in 1983 summarising the theoretical and practical scope of the Transcendental Meditation Programme by comparing the OBJECTIVE APPROACH OF MODERN SCIENCE AND SUBJECTIVE APPROACH OF TRANSCENDENTAL MEDITATION.

Monday, November 29, 2010


The uniqueness of Transcendental Meditation as scientific method is due to the fact, that Transcendental Meditation allows the conscious mind to identify itself with the Unified Field of all the laws of nature in the state of pure consciousness.

This scientific description of Transcendental Meditation should not be mixed up with the actual manner how Transcendental Meditation is practised or how the technique is taught. This great difference of theory and practice is valid for every kind of technique. E.g. the practical use of a TV-set is completely different from it`s theoretical description in terms of electromagnetism. The actual procedure of Transcendental Meditation is very simple and natural and can be easily practised by anyone, but the scientific significance of this mental technique is very profound and far reaching.

The scientific importance of Transcendental Meditation is established by the following excerpts from the explanatory text of a chart - developed at Maharishi European Research University in 1983 - comparing the objective and subjective approaches to natural law.

The successful unification of the four fundamental forces of nature into one unified field in the context of supergravity theory provided the basis and timely occasion to develop this chart. The main conclusions drawn from the unification of all the laws of nature and which presented in the chart is, that the Unified Field of all the laws of nature has the property of infinite self-referral (self-interaction).

O The quality of self-referral identifies the unified state of natural law as the field of consciousness.

O From this it follows that human consciousness in its self-referral state is the unified field of natural law.

O Therefore the fundamental discoveries of the objective approach of modern science can be directly verified through the subjective approach of Transcendental Meditation.

O This realization presents the possibility for everyone`s life to be lived in perfect accord with natural law, and opens mastery of natural law to all mankind, which in turn gives the opportunity to create an ideal society, a problem-free administration, and bring cultural integrity, self-sufficiency, and invincibility to every nation.

These are the main themes presented and discussed in detail by the  German Edition of the Science Forum.

The explanatory text of the chart provides an ideal introduction to the Darmstadt Science Forum. The chart has been published in a 25 page brochure introducing Maharishi International University, USA. The chart including explanatory text is also available as a large size poster in English and German.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Quantum-Mechanical and Classical Reality

Modern physics has discovered two distinctly different levels of reality: the classical and the quantum-mechanical.

Classical physics describes the concrete reality of physical phenomena, while Quantum Mechanics describes the unmanifest field of natural law – the underlying dynamics of intelligence governing the entire range of the physical world. The level of unmanifest reality is characterized by unitary transformations, in which knowledge is dynamically preserved. It is the understanding of this unmanifest field that reveals the values(symmetries) of the different laws of nature.

All the disciplines of modern science – physics, chemistry, physiology, and mathematics – have remarkable parallel descriptions of the unmanifest reality at the basis of all physical creation. All modern sciences explain through their objective approach the classical reality of the whole range of all relative creation as well as the discovery of the self-referral, quantum-mechanical field at the unmanifest basis of creation. The self-referral unmanifest Reality is the ultimate reality of all levels of creation: it is the absolute reality. The discovery of the two levels of reality though the objective approach of modern science provides an understanding of the whole range of natural law arising from the unmanifest unified field – the total potential of natural law.

The finding of modern science, that the classical is essentially quantum-mechanical, has unified all levels of classical reality as expressions of the same unmanifest quantum-mechanical reality, but nevertheless the observer remains completely separated from the object, even at the most fundamental, quantum-mechanical level. That means the object has been raised to the full potential of natural law, but the observer remains yet unidentified with it. That is the reason why the objective approach has not contributed to enliven the full creative potential of subjectivity in man. Due to this the infinite organizing power lively in the structure of the unified field did not blossom in day to day life. This deficiency of knowledge of the unified field gained through the objective approach has been eliminated through Transcendental Meditation.

Transcendental Meditation not only confirms the unification of all levels of the object in the unmanifest self-referral quantum-mechanical field as achieved by the disciplines of modern science but in addition identifies this field with the self-referral, quantum-mechanical nature of the observer himself. This final stroke of integration of the quantum-mechanical level of the observed with the observer, in the simplest form of human awareness, establishes the Self as the only reality and bestows to everyone mastery over natural law. That means in the ultimate stage the object has merged in the value of the subject and the subject remain open to itself in its own self-referral state.

The objective approach does not succeed in creating a conscious relationship between the subject and the object. Fortunately the subjective approach of Transcendental Meditation opens human awareness to the unified field of natural law and thereby provides an opportunity for the infinite organizing power of nature present in the structure of the unified field to become lively and supporting to every impulse of thought and action, enabling life to be spontaneously lived in accordance with all the laws of nature.